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Tim Russ
Tim Russ Born on 22 Jun 1956
Last modified 22 Jun 2004
Tim attended Izmir High School in Turkey, and received his diploma from Rome Academy, New York, in 1974. He continued his education at Saint Edwards University, earning a B.S. in Theater Arts. He recalls on of his instructors giving him good advice on the subject of performing, "You can make the audience laugh, make them cry, make them angry, make them scared, even make them feel nothing at all. Just don't bore them!" After graduating Cum Laude, Tim received a full scholarship to continue theater studies at Illinois State University.

Tim has what many would consider a small, but close knit, family. They spend their major holidays in each other's company, travel together and are constantly sharing the joys, challenges, and tribulations of their lives over the phone.

Tim's lovely daughter resides in Southern California where she can spend her days visiting her father.

Both of Tim's parents graduated from Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, and after traveling the world, eventually landed in Sacramento, California. His father is a retired Air Force Colonel, while his mother still works for the State of California. Tim's sister, Angela, and her family reside in Los Angeles County, and his brother, Michael, still resides in Sacramento.

Michael and Tim have been playing music together since Michael was 7 and Tim was 9. It is Michael and Angela who assist Tim with his Vulcan Insider Fan Association, this web page and many other aspects of his Star Trek life.

Tim also has an aunt, cousins, nephews and a niece in the Miami & Jacksonville, Florida area.
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