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Brad Dourif
Brad Dourif Born on 18 Mar 1950
Last modified 18 Mar 2005
All Movie Guide:

Bradford Claude Dourif is a quirky character actor whose gallery of killers, sociopaths, and other lost souls brought to life any number of contemporary horror and science fiction projects. Born in Huntington, WV, he began his professional acting career after graduating from college, honing his skills during a three-year apprenticeship with New York's Circle Repertory under the celebrated drama coach Sanford Meisner. While appearing off-Broadway in a production of "When You Comin' Back, Red Rider?", Dourif was spotted by director Milos Forman, who immediately cast him in his film adaptation of the Ken Kesey novel "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)". Dourif's turn as a suicidal teen asylum inmate was one of the most acclaimed film debuts in memory, earning a Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe as well as an Oscar nomination. However, the performance also typecast him as a talent best suited to idiosyncratic, off-center character roles, a straitjacket he remained unable to break from for the duration of his career. He then did not reappear onscreen for another two years before co-starring in the West German production "Gruppenbild mit Dame (1977)".

Dourif's next major performance came in the Irvin Kershner thriller "Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)", followed by a superb starring turn as a damaged war veteran in John Huston's "Wise Blood (1979)". Upon completing a supporting role in the television film "Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (1980)", Dourif next surfaced in Michael Cimino's legendary flop "Heaven's Gate (1980)", the first in a string of big-budget disasters to which the actor was attached including Forman's "Ragtime (1981)" and David Lynch's "Dune (1984)". A series of low-budget projects followed before Dourif reunited with Lynch for a small role in the director's masterpiece "Blue Velvet (1986)". However, no other offers of a similar caliber were immediately forthcoming, and instead he found himself providing the voice of the evil doll Chucky in the "Child's Play (1988)" series of slasher movies. In the years which followed, Dourif occasionally reappeared in more substantial projects (including the Alan Parker film "Mississippi Burning (1988)", the Ken Loach picture "Hidden Agenda (1990)", and Hanif Kureishi's directorial debut "London Kills Me (1991)"), but he remained primarily confined to low-budget genre work; additionally, he often guest starred on television, appearing in series including "The X-Files (1993)", "Millennium (1996)", and Star Trek: Voyager. In 2001, Dourif took a break from low-budget fright flicks to appear in a decidedly more enormous production, director Peter Jackson's eagerly anticipated "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)".
Sci-Fi TV filmography:
Role Series Episode
Crewman Lon Suder ST:VOY 2.12: Meld
Ensign Lon Suder ST:VOY 2.22: Basics I
Ensign Lon Suder ST:VOY 3.1: Basics II
Brother Edward B5 3.4: Passing Through Gethsemane